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As recognized experts and over 60 years of experience in the water treatment industry, we better than anyone how to maintain your water system to help keep it running at peak performance. Our certified technicians offer a range of expert maintenance and performance services for your water softener, water filtration system, and drinking water system. We can maintain and optimize all Culligan products as well as most major brands, including:

  • Multi-point system inspection
  • Performance tune up
  • Water quality check
  • Inspect water flow and check for salt bridging in the tank
  • Adjust regeneration frequency
  • Set or re-set timers and sensors
  • Refill salt
  • Sanitize system
  • Replacement parts
  • Regular Maintenance
  • Emergency service

Soon we will be releasing our Privilege Program!! A truly hassle-free maintenance plan that extends the already best in the industry warranties, leaves you worry-free and gives you discounts on consumable products!

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