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What is Hard Water?

Water is a universal solvent that picks up what it comes in contact with. As water flows through the Earth, it picks up minerals such as calcium, iron and magnesium, which then get collected in our pipes and are distributed throughout our household. As these minerals harden they create mineral deposits known as scale. The more scale that builds up in our homes, the more problems we start to experience and the costs to fix these problems begin to add up quickly.

85% of Households in America Have Hard WaterHard Water Problem Map in United States

The degree of hardness standard is established by the American Society of Agricultural Engineers (S-339) and the Water Quality Association (WSA). Water hardness is measured and expressed in grains per gallon (or ppm) and ranges from soft (less than 1.0 ppm) to very hard (anything more than 10.5 ppm).


The Solution

A water softener softens your hard water by removing the built-up minerals it contains. As the hard water enters and passes through the softener, the minerals are attracted by the resin bed and removed from the water through an ion exchange process. The system then flows the now softened water into your home. 

When this resin bed fills up with the hardness ions, it needs to be regenerated, or cleaned. Most commonly salt is used for this regeneration process and restores the resin to its regenerated state and the softening process change start again.

Culligan Water Softener Process



Benefits of Having a Water Softener:

The minute you treat your water problems with a water softener, you will begin to see the many benefits it provides to you and your household. 

  • Shinier, fuller and more manageable hair

  • Experience cleaner and softer skin

  • Slash your salt, water and electricity costs by up to 46%

  • Brighten your clothes and lessen your static electricity

  • Decrease your cleaning costs and use less cleaning agents by allowing soft water to effectively and more efficiently clean your household items

  • Cleaner dishes with no more stubborn spots

  • Extended life of household appliances from reversing the damaging effects of corrosion

  • Adjustable water softener settings to ensure maximum efficiency

  • Control your softener from anywhere in your home

  • Automatically alert your Lima Culligan Man when your water softener is due for periodic maintenance




Product Overview

Hard water is the result of mineral buildup in your city or well water, most commonly from calcium and lime. Hard water can reduce the quality of water in your home and may also be driving up your water bills, cleaning costs and more. The signs of hard water are not always obvious, but can have detrimental effects on your home. Hard water can cause corrosive build of scale from mineral deposits in your pipes. Over time, your pipes can clog, water flow can diminish and water pressure will be reduced. Your local Culligan water expert offers a range of water softener products that fits your needs, wallet and for every size of household.


You save more on water, salt, and electricity with patented smart technology that makes our high-efficiency water softeners up to 46% more efficient* than other softeners. Not only will you be saving your wallet by reducing water and electricity costs, but you will also be decreasing your home’s environmental footprint.


It is about more than energy efficiency - it's about intelligence. While using up to 50% less salt, the HE lets you know how many days remain until you need to refill it with salt. 


Reduce trips to the basement as Culligan's advanced technology gives you control over various functions to ensure that your water is always just the way you like it, never too soft or too hard.


*46% less than a time clock regeneration softener


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