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A Dedicated Water Source

Originating from the reservoir in Wyoming County, we source our water from Akron NY's municipal supply, and test it regularly to be compliant with EPA standards.  

Our water is prepared and protected using a multi-barrier approach with up to date technologies including:

  • Fine filtration to remove sediment and suspended particles
  • Carbon filtration to remove unwanted chemical and organics
  • Softening and Reverse Osmosis to remove unwanted dissolved solids
  • Deionization 
  • Ultra Violet Disinfection and Ozonation to disinfect without leaving odors or unpleasant aftertaste
  • Final filtration
  • Mineral Injection using only food grade minerals, to give your water the exact, clean and refreshing taste you enjoy

Bottled Water Testing

Our bottled water process is monitored 24 hours a day through a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) to ensure the consistent, high quality of our drinking water.

Culligan bottled water goes above and beyond the FDA standards of quality as well as the regulations from the IBWA (International Bottled Water Association) to ensure the greatest safety and quality of bottled water. We regularly test for all organic and inorganic chemicals that are regulated by the FDA, as well as non-regulated contaminants. Bacteria testing is done on a daily basis and is validated by a NYS DOH certified lab. 

Water Treatment by Culligan's number one concern is the health and safety of all those around us. Our water is fluoride and chemical free and the most natural, best tasting water we can provide to you and your family. We will continue to diligently work to ensure we bring the consistent, high quality drinking water that you have come to know and love.

Bottled Water Coolers:

  • A variety of coolers in different designs and colors that offer temperature settings.
  • Space-saving design are spill-proof and use less than one square foot of space. Outfitted with Culligan’s Care Cap, our 5-gallon bottles feature a special valve that “pops-open” the bottle releasing water only when the bottle is in place.
  • Great tasting hot or cold drinking water at your fingertips. Cold, refreshing drinking water and steaming hot water for soups, coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

Bottle-Free® Coolers:

  • The most eco-friendly, green solution to high-quality drinking water.
  • The POU (Point Of Use) cooler attaches to your existing plumbing/water supply and delivers filtered bottled water quality right to your glass!


Build your own Bottled Water Plan

We at Water Treatment by Culligan, give you the flexibility of building your own plan based on your water needs. Simply click on how many bottles you would need per month, how many people you have in your home or office, and if you have any specific requirements. Your Culligan Man® will contact you shortly to give you a quote and if you like, confirm your order.

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